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Sewer lines can be clogged by several different things, from everyday sewage backup to natural disasters. A blockage in the main sewer line can allow unsanitized waste water back into your home, causing embarrassment, damage, and serious health hazards. The main line is the connection between the exits of a property’s plumbing system and either a septic tank or municipal sewer system. Many homeowners remain unaware of the existence and function of the main line until a clog causes damage. What at first seems to be a plugged toilet, sink, or tub drain can often be a problem deep in the main line. Jay’s Plumbing is always ready to clear obstructions, make repairs or complete replacements, and restore the flow in the main sewer line. No matter what the cause, Jay’s Plumbing has the best equipment and the experienced technicians to get your sewer lines running properly in no time. We offer video sewer inspection and hydro-jetting services at the most affordable prices in town.

Complete Drain Cleaning Services

Jay’s Plumbing technicians bring a drain cleaning arsenal to every service call. Specialized tools, meticulous training, and our deep pride in providing superior service at all hours guarantee that your drains will be free flowing in no time. Your time and property are valuable and no one can afford to wait indefinitely for repairs, small problems can become big emergencies if left untreated. Jay’s Plumbing is ready to help. If your drains are running slowly, it is just a matter of time before they stop working all together. Once we have identified the problem, it will be a simple matter for our qualified technicians to use our state of the art equipment and get your drains working correctly again.

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Some Useful Prevention Tips From Jay’s Plumbing!

– Limit grease and food in kitchen drains. The disposal is intended to help the small particles of food wash away, but all plates should be scraped over a garbage pail.

– Never insert anything into a pipe or drain! This can push the blockage further into the pipe.

– Only toilet paper is designed to disintegrate. Never flush paper towels, sanitary products, baby wipes, or makeup wipes.

Our sewer and drain cleaning services include:

– Kitchen Sinks
– Laundry Drains
– Toilets
– Roof Vents

– Clean-Outs
– Main Sewer Line
– Showers
– Floor Drains

– Tubs
– Lavatory/Bath Sinks
– Dishwasher Drains
– Pool Skimmer Lines

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